150 Amps Battery


150 Amps Battery. We have durable batteries for your solar projects.

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150 Amps Battery.We have durable batteries for your solar projects.

With its tubular plate technology and improved charge acceptance and lengthy backup, the 150AH/12V Luminous wet cell battery is typically referred to as a next-generation tall tubular battery. The battery’s 3% self-discharge rate per month STC ensures extended life without discharge. | 45 amp – 12v/ 24v/ 48v mppt Charge controller
It was created utilizing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art HADI high pressure (at 100 bar) spine casting equipment, which assure an ultra fine grain structure for strength, long life, and ultimate dependability. It is highly corrosion resistant and strong. designed with 20% more electrolyte and thicker positive plates to survive power outages. For a long battery life, this Luminous Wet Cell battery boasts a high purity, corrosion-resistant unique spine alloy composition. | 60 amp Mppt Charge Controller


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