200 Amps Battery


200 Amps Battery


200 Amps Battery

Containers with PPCP Low permeability guarantees that no water is lost.
To ensure structural integrity at high operating temperatures, use sidewall design.
AGM separator with a high compression ratio and a recombination efficiency of over 98%.
The most suitable heavy-duty L terminal for carrying high rate discharges.
One-way self-resealing safety vent seal that is extremely dependable. | 45 amp – 12v/ 24v/ 48v mppt Charge controller
MFX alloy grid for optimum cycle life and high design life in float at 27° C.
System for preventing short circuits at FLAPPON Terminals.
Design for simple handling is ergonomic.
Organizing the plates via Cast-On-Strap results in integrated lead crystals that provide the negative straps outstanding corrosion resistance. | 45 amp – 12v/ 24v Mppt Charge Controller
High rate discharge that is superior and has no internal resistance.
a special, robust, corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids that can prolong cycle life in tropical climates



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