230 Amps Battery


320 Amps Battery


320 Amps battery


The weight and power of your lead acid or AGM battery are more than doubled by this battery.

This straightforward drop-in replacement uses the most recent and secure Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) technology to deliver more than twice the power, 10 times the cycles, 10 times the life, and at less than half the weight with no maintenance.

4- to 6-thousand cycles at 80% DoD

extreme tensile metal case | 60 amp Mppt Charge Controller

Integrated heating and Bluetooth telemetry

offers three times the warranty of a typical lead battery.

Our batteries are significantly less expensive than conventional Lead or AGM batteries during their lifespan.

Who can resist our integrated BMS’s (Battery Management System) quicker charging and ultra-safe operation?


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