1.1hp Sumec Fireman Airconditioner


1.1hp Sumec Fireman Airconditioner

1.1hp Sumec Fireman Air conditioner

Model number FDI-10GSC of your dependable Firman Inverter Air Conditioner is a 1.1 HP low voltage inverter AC that includes an installation kit.

view the following technical details-
single-phase air conditioning
Suitable Voltage: 220-240V
Rating Frequency: 50Hz
Over 70% energy savings
9380 BTU/h (2250-1000) of cooling capacity
Watts 932(250–1450) are the input power.
Rated Current: Amp 4.2 (1.1 to 88).
Noise levels: dB(A) 40/50 (indoor/outdoor)
weight of 27.5 kilogram

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1.1HP AC Firman Air Conditioner

Sumec Firman inverter air conditioners are available in our inventory. In the manufacture of generators, Firman is a reputable brand. They have created air conditioners using their vast knowledge that can run on the tiniest generators and inverters. Now, you may use an inverter or solar system to power your air conditioners pleasantly. Available horsepower ranges from 1.1 to 2.2.Best for Smaller Generators, Gen LinkOver 70% energy savingsGreater and Quicker Cooling CapacitySterilization with Virus Killing Health GuardAuto Restart Gold Fin

The New Firman Gen Smartcool Inverter AC, which was especially created for Nigerian families, uses both generator and commercial power. View the new Firman Gen Smartcool Inverter AC’s special features here.




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