Qasa Solar Power Portable Generator

Qasa Solar Power Portable Generator

Qasa Solar Power Portable Generator without Solar Panel


In Nigeria, Qasa is a well-known brand for home appliances, solar generators, and solar power systems. A portable solar power inverter for use in the home or workplace is the Qasa solar power generator. You are liberated from having to pay a monthly utility bill thanks to the portable solar inverter power generator. With a one-year manufacturer guarantee, it is inexpensive, dependable, and durable. It requires less maintenance and is simple to use. It can power your laptop, 32-inch or smaller television, sound system, ac/dc fan, decoders, rechargeable fans, DC LED lights, recharge phones, recharge torch lanterns, and any DC gadget with a 5 to 12 volt power supply.

The Qasa solar power bank has a built-in high-capacity lithium battery with 500 lifecycles, a capacity of 40,000mAh/148Wh, and a 100W inverter.

Qasa Solar Power Portable Generator

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