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To be the number one company in Africa in providing Solar Energy  infrastructure in the nearest future.


We  Provide quality-driven services to our client why adhering to industry standard, all at a  cost and mode of payment convenient to our clients. 

Ubest solar provides you with reliable and sustainable energy services that covers your indoor and outdoor needs,at your homes and business places.

we install and sell quality solar energy element to engineers

At Ubest Solar, we install bespoke solar energy solution to our clients and also supply quality solar panels,batteries,LED lamps,inverters and many more to solar power engineers who wants thier works to stand out.


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Solar Panels of Various Specifications

We have Solar Panels of Various Capacities:20watts,30watts,

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We have durable batteries for your solar projects of various capacities at very good price

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We have durable inverters of various
sizes for production of smoot sine waves output

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Charge Controller

We have MPPT solar PV controller (Maximum power point tracking)for solar charging solutions.

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Solar Street Light

We have various sizes and capacities of Solar Street lights.

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Bona Solar Fridge

We have Bona Solar Fridge that saves
power upto 75%. It uses both DC(Battery) and AC
from both your power grid or solar energy system

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Sumec Inverter Airconditioner

We also have Sumec Inverter cool airconditioner which saves upto 75% of power.

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Qasa Portable Solar Power Box

For your mobile Power needs,we this product.

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Official BeeBeeJump Distributor

Ubest Solar is a distributor with Beebeejump Solar Comapny.

Beebeejump int’L limited is a solar power company in Nigeria that provides quality household solar power solutions. The products cover the needs of multiple levels of users. We also offer solar installation service all over Nigeria. Their wide coverage has enabled us at Ubest solar to provide nationwide coverage.

Begin your journey to ceaseless power supply from the sun