150 Watts SMS Solar Light


150 Watts SMS Solar Light


150 Watts SMS Solar Light


Features of 150 Watts SMS Solar Light

  • The ideal outdoor lighting solution for energy conservation is this 150W solar floodlight.
  • The mounting options for this system include poles, walls, and even the floor.
  • There are no power connections needed to run this standalone solar lamp.
  • The system runs all night and charges itself throughout the day using the solar panel.
  • For even more versatility, the supplied IR remote control may also be used to operate the lamp.

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Even during a power outage, never be left in the dark.

Our solar-powered floodlight specifications are focused on performance and client satisfaction.

When compared to comparable, less expensive items on the market, these solar LED floodlights typically have more than DOUBLE the solar power input. This device uses direct solar energy to charge the flood light system battery, which is intended to last 15-20 hours a day once it is completely charged, helping to minimize your electricity consumption over time.

This device is an extremely practical solution to install lights in areas without grid energy. Our solar flood light is controlled by a little remote control that is given, so no extra light switch is needed to make this system work efficiently.



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