Bona Solar fridge 318L

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Bona Solar fridge 318L

Bona Solar fridge 318L

With a wide climate range from SN to T class mechanical temperature control, the Bona Solar Chest Freezer BD-318 is equipped. Optional Solar Power Supply Deep Freezing at 18 oC | Home

When the Bona Solar Freezer first entered the Nigerian market a few years ago, it was well received due to its dual functionality that enables users to switch power automatically between the National Grid (PHCN) and Solar Charging. Additionally, it freezes extremely quickly, retains ice, and uses relatively little energy, making it an excellent freezer option for remote locations without electricity, locations with unstable electrical voltage, and people who want to lower the cost of electricity.
Efficiency, Reliability, and Durability have been supplied by Bona Solar Freezers for years, and they have received 4–5-star ratings to prove it.

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There are 5 sizes available, including the following:

Bona Solar Freezer, 118L:
Watts: 60
Dimensions: 555*580*850mm
Weight, net: 27 kg

Bona Solar Freezer, 218L:
Watts: 120
Dimensions are 970mm, 605mm, and 950mm.
Size: 39 kg

Bona Solar Freezer, 168L:
Watts: 85
Size: 780 mm* 555 mm* 850 mm Weight: 34 kg

Features of the 388L Bona Solar Freezer:
Size: 55 kg
Size: 1400mm, 681mm, and 950mm


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