45 amp – 12v/ 24v Mppt Charge Controller


45 amp Mppt Charge Controller


45 amp Mppt Charge Controller


An sophisticated maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 3kW is the MPPT solar controller with TrakStar TechnologyTM. In comparison to other MPPT controllers, the controller has the best peak efficiency in the industry—99%—and much reduced power loss. | 45 amp – 12v/ 24v/ 48v mppt Charge controller


MPPT 45 has a clever tracking algorithm that quickly locates the solar array peak power point with incredibly quick sweeping of the full I-V curve, maximizing the energy harvest from the PV. Warranty for five years. (also see: Qasa Solar Power Portable Generator)

Features of the charge controller

Energy Harvest is Increased – TrakStar MPPT Technology Features
superior than other MPPT controllers in peak power point tracking
I-V curve sweep at very high speed.
Recognizing numerous power sources while using mixed or shaded PV arrays
High efficiency at dawn and low solar insolation levels | Super Vision Solar Generator
Highest Level of Reliability
No cooling fans and a sturdy thermal design (also see: 150 Watts SMS Solar Light)
Electronic components live longer and experience less stress because to parallel circuit design.
without mechanical relays
extensive electronic safeguards, such as PV short circuit defense
printed circuit boards with conformal coatings and inductors enclosed in epoxy
Highest Efficiency Peak productivity is 99%
An exclusive tracking algorithm reduces power losses.
minimal self-consumption
continuous use of full power without de-rating up to 45°C
higher-rated electronic gadgets were used in order to reduce losses.

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