1.6 hp Sumec Fireman Airconditioner


1.6 hp Sumec Fireman Airconditioner

1.6 hp Sumec Fireman Air conditioner


Features of 1.6 hp Sumec Fireman Air conditioner

Technical details are listed below.-
Electricity: Single-Phase AC
Recommended Voltage: 220-240V
Rated Frequency is 50 Hz.
Over 70% of energy is saved
BTU/h 9380(2250-1000): Cooling Capacity
Watts 932 (250-1450) of input power
Amp 4.2(1.1-8.8) is rated for current:
dB(A) 40/50 for noise (indoor/outdoor)
27.5 kilograms

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Low voltage inverter AC Firman 1.6HP Inverter AC – FDI-14GSC includes an installation kit. Its capacity makes it appropriate for rooms or workplaces with lots of space. Additionally, it boasts auto swing functionality that distributes fresh air to every area of your room, workplace, or restaurant, as well as vanes that guarantee speedy and efficient cooling.
In addition to cooling your home, this Firman 1.6HP Inverter AC – FDI-14GSC filters the air so that you may stay healthy. While carrying out all of these tasks, it nevertheless conserves energy.
Technical Information:
Single-Phase AC power
Voltage Range: 220-240V
Specified Frequency: 50Hz
Saving energy by almost 70%


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